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It wasn't until 2000 that I started to draw and paint, attending various courses in all mediums, in the belief that one day I would resonate with a tutor and medium.

Eventually in 2008,whilst attending an acrylics course I learnt about using gilding in my work. At last I felt inspired and excited, gained confidence and belief in my own work.
Leading on from this I attended weekend Egg Tempera workshops for about two years learning the techniques and investigating how this medium reacts when used on Gesso panels; the luminosity of this medium is always surprising and inspirational.

Over the past three years I have been working in my studio using both Acrylic and Egg Tempera mediums.
I attended a Mosaic Course in France during the summer of 2012, where I became extremely enthusiastic about this art and this is now an important part of life in my studio.


Telephone: 07773 877108